The Rural Home visiting (RHV) Program is a no cost early education home visiting program providing family focused services from pregnancy to age 3. OCCDA RHV utilizes the Parents as Teachers curriculum model which is an evidence-based early childhood home visiting program and believes Parents are the first and most influential teachers in a Childs life. Home visitors provide support, share age appropriate child development and parenting information, activities, and health and developmental screenings.

Rural Home visiting Families will receive:

Personal Home Visits: Bi-weekly and agreed upon time, Parent Educators will shares age appropriate child development and parenting information. The visits will include:

  • An engaging play activity for you and your child to enrich parent/child interaction and enhance child development
  • Discussion and handouts regarding your child’s stage of development and parenting.
  • Information on fun activities to nurture growth

Group Connection:

Join other parents in your community to learn and share information on parenting issues and child development


Developmental and health screenings are provided to help parents identify any potential concerns before it becomes an obstacle to the child’s development.

Resource Network:

Parent Educators help families to identify and connect with community resources.

Why it’s important:

  • Because learning begins at birth
  • Research suggests that in the first 6 months of life, the brain goes through the most critical stage of development.
  • Children learn more and at a faster rate in the first few years.
  • Most of the language that one will use as an adult is developed by the age of three

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Serving Okanogan County with office locations in Oroville, Omak, and Brewster

Call (509) 826-2466


Eligibility for programs is based on income and/or risk factors. In 2018, a family of four can qualify for Head Start/Early Head Start if their income is below 100% FPL of $25,100. ECEAP’s income eligibility is 110% of FPL. Rural Home Visiting target income population is 185% FPL. The philosophy of the administration, Policy Council, and the Board of Directors is to reach out to children and families with the greatest need to give them priority for services. An important way this is achieved is by the agency conducting an assessment of the community. OCCDA uses the assessment as a tool for programs and the community to assess the needs of low-income children and their families, identify strategies and programs to help families break the cycle of poverty, ensure the health and academic success of their children, and provide families with the greatest opportunity for self-reliance. 

With multiple programs and program requirements, eligibility can seem confusing. And, OCCDA strongly encourages all interested families to apply for services. Our enrollment staff will determine eligibility and can answer any questions you have.