The Board

The Board of Directors assumes legal and fiscal responsibility for Head Start and the safeguarding of federal funds.

Adopt practices to ensure active, independent, and informed governance.

Establish procedures and criteria for recruitment, selection, and enrollment.

– All funding applications and amendments
– Results and follow-up activities from federal monitoring.

Review and Approve:
– Major policies and procedures, including self-assessment, financial audit, and personnel policies.
– Progress on implementing the HS grant, including corrective actions
– Major expenditures
– Operating budget
– Selection of auditor
– Actions to correct audit findings.

Current Board

Board Chair: Sue Root
Vice Chair: Shannon Mendoza
Treasurer/Secretary: Veronica Carrillo

Members: Orlando Gonzalez and Michelle Olson

Policy Council

Policy Council is an integral part of OCCDA. Policy Council assumes responsibility for the direction of OCCDA’s programs. This includes submitting decisions and recommendations to the Board of Directors in the following areas:

  1. Activites for parent involvement/engagement.
  2. Program recruitment, selection, and enrollment priorities.
  3. Funding applications/amendments
  4. Budget planning
  5. Policy Council by-laws
  6. Personnel policies and decisions
  7. Recommendations on service areas

Policy Council is made up of parents of currently enrolled children and community members.