Eligibility varies with the program

Head Start
You are eligible for Head Start if your child turns 3 years old before August 31st and your family meets the Federal Income Guidelines, or you have a preschool aged child with special needs.

Early Head Start
You are eligible for Early Head Start if you are pregnant, have a child younger than 3 years of age, an meet the Federal Income Guidelines, or have an infant or toddler with special needs.

You are eligible for ECEAP if you have a four- or three-year-old child and your family is at 110% of the Federal Poverty Level. This includes families receiving public assistance, children in foster care, and parents with limited incomes who are working or in school.

Rural Home Visiting (RHV)
You may be eligible for RHV if you are pregnant or your child has not yet turned three and your income is at or below 185% of the Poverty level, or you specific needs, such as a child with special needs, are in the military, or are a teen parent.


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